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About the Library

Opening hours

The WPS library will be open from 8:35-8:55 Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings.

We're also open at Second half of lunch everyday except Wednesday.

Students should look for the giant, library 'open/closed' sign for more information.

During these times, students can read, borrow, draw, chat, game, compose music, make movies, invent languages, have staring contests, look for dinosaurs, or simply hang about.

We are not currently open after school due to Duty of Care restrictions.

Hang in there.

Our Goal

We exist to promote a life-long love of reading and learning in all readers, of all abilities and ages. Mr Thorn, Mrs DeSilva, and Mrs Cole work tirelessly to ensure the library is an accessible, vibrant, and creative space where everyone is welcome and everyone can find what they're looking for.


Library Staff

Mr Thorn

The current Teacher Librarian of WPS, very little is known about this man. Exhaustive student research has only managed to turn up the following:

  • He is between 12 years old, and 36 million years old.

  • He is either a robot, a human, or a colony of ants in a complex human-suit.

  • He has read all 18, 409 books in the library. Twice.

  • He very rarely makes up silly stories.

Mrs Cole

The Library Technical Administrative Officer for WPS.

Literally the only reason there are any books on the shelves is because Mrs Cole has made it so. She is in charge of more complex procedures than your average nuclear physicist, she knows the exact coordinates of every book ever, and she can repair torn pages with her feet.

Mrs de Silva

The myth, the legend.


Our Collection

WPS Library aims to have a diverse collection of modern and classic texts from Australian and international authors. Our collection develops continuously so that it remains relevant to student wants and needs in a rapidly changing world. By partnering with local booksellers we can stay abreast of current releases and popular titles.

Our current collection 19, 368 physical texts is divided into 7 sections:

  1. General Fiction - Generally novels of a moderate to advanced level.

  2. Short Fiction - Texts designed to help readers transition from less complex picture books to standard novels. Shorter chapter-style texts.

  3. Graphic Novels - A collection of full novels in comic form

  4. Junior fiction - A wide range of classic and modern picture books.

  5. Illustrated Fiction - Texts that are mostly illustrated, but are too complex or mature in scope to be kept elsewhere.

  6. General Non fiction/Information - A large collection of texts designed to inform readers about a wide variety of topics.

  7. Junior non fiction/Information - A collection of less complex non-fiction texts designed to help younger readers get used to the style of information texts.

  8. Teacher resources - A collection of new and proven resources to support WPS staff.

Willoughby Public School Library's motto is "Words in the heart can not be taken."*.

*You may have your own ideas about this, but you're not running the place, so too bad.​

The library crest features a book inside an open ensō, symbolising the connection between stories and infinity. It also reminds us that new stories are always being told and new knowledge pursued.*

*It also shows us that Mr Thorn has a flair for dramatic symbolism and sometimes gets carried away,


Our Crest

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