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Library at Home

“Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are.”

- Mason Cooley


How do I order Book Club?

At WPS we are running Scholastic Book Club twice a term. All book orders must be completed online using Scholastic LOOP (link). Please note; we do not use cash for book club. All orders will be sent 1-2 weeks after the closing date for that issue.

How do I encourage my children to read more/wider/better?

There are many way to help your child become a lover of reading. "The Reading Mountain" has provided an excellent resource for parents looking to help engage their children in reading (Link)

For those who are time poor and don’t have time to read this article, Mr Thorn has some short tips:

 - ALL BOOKS ARE GOOD BOOKS: Yes, even the ones with lots of pictures. Graphic novels, picture books, mixed media texts, these are all valid ways of engaging with storytelling and language. This article makes some excellent points regarding the complexity of graphic novels and how they represent many wonderful opportunities to deepen reader's understanding and engagement.

 - READING IS ABOUT CHOICE: Pushing children (or anyone, really) to read things they don't have a genuine interest in is not only extremely difficult, but also counter intuitive. Older students especially, will quickly tire of being told their reading choices aren't of an acceptable quality and will may even come to see reading as 'work' rather than recreation. To put it simply: The best book for your child is the one they want to read.


 - SET THE EXAMPLE: For your children to see reading positively, they need to see you reading for fun. If you, as a role model, make excuses not to read, then your children may see a way to follow suit and make the same excuses.

  - TALK ABOUT BOOKS: Ask what your kids are reading. Ask if they like those books. Talk about books YOU enjoy, or enjoyed, and why. Send your kids to demand these books from Mr Thorn.

  - FIND READING TIME: Everyone is busy, but even the most rushed and exhausted of us can manage a few minutes a day to read. Build it into your bedtime routine, talk about it at dinner, have a stack of books by the toilet (highly recommended), WHATEVER WORKS!

Do you accept donations?

We are always willing to look through good quality used books, but due to space restrictions, we are unlikely to take large numbers of books from families. Most classroom teachers are willing to consider second-hand books for in-class libraries, so please consider offering your books to staff members as well.

What does my child need to bring to the library?

Not much. Library bags are required for Kindy students, but are recommended for anyone with an already full schoolbag. Year 3-6 students are expected to borrow/renew their books weekly, but alternatively they're welcome to bring their own books from home.

Other than that, just bring some curiosity.


Free eBooks and Audio Books

Wheelers logo.png

Wheelers eBooks


Over 3000 books for students to read and listen to.

Login with your school username and password.

worldbook online.jpg

Worldbook Online

Worldbook Online

Providing access to quality, reliable information on just about everything! Also includes games, webquests and more to explore.

username: willpub

password: willpub

Storybox Online.jpg

Story Box Library

Story Box Library

Favourite stories read by our best storytellers. An amazing new addition to the WPS collection!

Username: willschool

p/w: willschool

worldbook eBooks.png

Worldbook eBooks

Worldbook eBooks

Hundreds of excellent information books and classics with full guided and read-aloud support.

username: willpub

password: willpub

storyliine online.jpg

Storyline Online

Storyline Online

Streams videos featuring celebrated actors reading children’s books.


Open Library

Open Library

Provides access to thousands of modern and classic books for free.

Sign-up is required.


Authors and Illustrators to Follow


David Walliams

instagram: @dwalliams
David Walliams has started reading out different chapters from his hilarious best-selling books! Click the link for a different chapter every day!


Oliver Jeffers

instagram: @oliverjeffers

Oliver Jeffers is hosting "stay-at-home-story-time" and reading out some of his incredible stories. Check the links above for details!


Cara Bean

youtube: Bean Doodling Workshop

Cara Bean was a High School Art Teacher. When she is not teaching she makes comics that explore story telling and mental health issues for young people.

mac barnett.jpg

Mac Barnett

instagram: @macbarnett

The multi-talented author of classics like "Sam and Dave Dig A Hole" hosts an evening book club read aloud with special guests. He's also teamed up with Jon Klassen to create the worlds first LIVE cartoon (with a super-catchy theme song)!

carson ellis.jpg

Carson Ellis

instagram: @carsonellis

Crazy talented illustrator Carson Ellis hosts her own #quarantineartclub with guest artists and new challenges regularly!

wendy mcNaughton.jpg

Wendy McNaughton

instagram: @wendymac

Wendy McNaughton hosts live drawing classes under the hashtag #drawtogether.

She is hilarious, awesome and ludicrously talented.


Mo Willems


The amazing Mo Willems of Pigeon/Duckling/Elephant/Piggy/Knuffle Bunny fame, is hosting daily drawing and discussion classes! Check them all out at the link above!

Chris Haughton.jpg

Chris Haughton

instagram: @chrishaughton

Author/illustrator Chris Haughton hosts read-alongs and craft sessions (with printables) based on his excellent books. 

first second.jpg

First Second Publishing

instagram: @01firstsecond

One of our favourite publishers at WPS Library. Keep an eye on them for amazing new Graphic Novel releases and activities based on their catalogue.

Dav Pilkey.png

Dav Pilkey

instagram: @petey_haw_haw

Dav Pilkey hosts 'Dav Pilkey At Home!'; a web learning series based on his best-selling books! Includes drawing classes, lessons, and all kinds of awesome activities!

MAtt cosgrove.png

Matt Cosgrove

instagram: @matt.cosgrove

Check out supremely talented illustrator, and world famous alpaca fan, Matt Cosgrove's site for all kinds of fun activities :)


Learn Skills and Make Stuff

dad lab.png

Introducing fun science experiments to children. Every parent can make that magic happen using things that you already have at home!

adobe tv.jpg

Video tutorials for the whole suite of Adobe software. Teach yourself something awesome!

Scratch logo.jpg

From beginners to professionals, Skillshare offers free classes on just about anything from industry professionals. Mr Thorn recommends the drawing/art courses :)

(Sign up required).

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