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Help Me!

The library can be a complicated place. Below you will find links to How-To guides for most common library issues.

If you have a weird problem, you'll have to go to Mr Thorn; he's the only one weird enough to deal with it.

Your library account and you
Premier's Reading Challenge

The Library has a digital collection of around 1300 books and growing, click on the links below to get up to speed with eBooks.

Did you know you can access the school library page from home? Well, you can.

The default home page can be used to search for texts, but click below to see what else is available.

The NSW Premier's Reading challenge is on again for 2019. Click on the link below to get to your homepage, or watch the video to see how to complete the challenge.

Library Management

This section is for problems and procedures to do with our physical library (the paper one).

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