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New and Noteworthy Texts

Below is a selection of tasty new and noteworthy texts for all kinds of purposes.

Some of these are amazing resources for teachers, some are just awesome stories. The most important thing about these books is that Mr Thorn recommends them.

Clicking on each text will bring up a short review/description.

Home: Carson Ellis

This fantastic book describes a wide variety of homes both real and fantastic. An amazing and engaging text for creative writing, habitat studies, and identity.

Small Things by Mel Tregonning

A completely visual story following a young boy and the effects of small problems building up over time. An incredible and moving story of empathy and the battles we fight every day that no one else notices.

Arthur & the Golden Rope: JT Stanton

A beautifully illustrated romp through a variety of Norse myths.

Roller Girl: Victoria Jamieson

An awesome story about friendship, identity, and stomping people in Roller-Derby. A great text for starting discussions about resilience and how friendships grow and change.

Child of Books: O Jeffers, S Winston

A real librarian's book. Written purely to celebrate the power of stories, this text is filled with illustrations made almost entirely of passages from classic novels. A great text for an art unit, or if you just want to celebrate where reading takes you.

Railhead: Phillip Reeve

Phillip Reeve builds the most amazing worlds and this book is another example he should be proud of. A sci-fi adventure with trains, androids, drones, explosions, graffiti, and then more explosions.

Outcasts: David Grimstone

A pretty awesome story about teenagers with super-powers. This story is told in a simpler style, making it a great book for anyone who wants a solid, action-packed story without all the mental effort.

100 Women Who Made History

Compiled by Dorling-Kindersly, this brilliant book celebrates the achievements of women. Perfect for setting the record straight about who invented wifi, conquered Russia, fought for civil rights and drove the creation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Who Are You?

This guide to gender identity from Brooke Pessin-Wheedbee encourages children to develop an identity that is based on their own honest interests and desires. An excellent text for early stages and units relating to personal identity and family.

How Cities Work: JG Hancock

A rich and detailed guide to cities. Featuring tonnes of sliding, folding and explanding pages, this book is an excellent resource for better understanding how many parts of a city work. Includes hospitals, plumbing, apartment buildings and ideas for cities of the future.

Shackelton's Journey: W Grill

This text details Shackleton's Journey to the South Pole in a series of award winning illustrations. A magnificent resource for Antarctic information and as an art study.

Wild Animals of the North: D Braun

A simple guide to many of the animals living in the far North of the world. Contains a stunnign series of illustrations and information on the habits, habitat, adaptations, diet and significance of a wide variety of polar/sub-polar creatures.

Why is Art Full of Naked People?

A fantastic resource for starting conversations about art. A great way to get students interested in a variety of artistic styles and forms.

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