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How do I order Book Club?

At WPS we are running Scholastic Book Club twice a term. All book orders must be completed online using Scholastic LOOP (link). Please note; we do not use cash for book club. All orders will be sent 1-2 weeks after the closing date for that issue.

How do I encourage my children to read more/wider/better?

There are many way to help your child become a lover of reading. "The Reading Mountain" has provided an excellent resource for parents looking to help engage their children in reading (Link)

For those who are time poor and don’t have time to read this article, Mr Thorn has some short tips:

  - SET THE EXAMPLE: For your children to see reading positively, they need to see you reading for fun. If you, as a role model, make excuses not to read, then your children may see a way to follow suit and make the same excuses.

  - TALK ABOUT BOOKS: Ask what your kids are reading. Ask if they like those books. Talk about books YOU enjoy, or enjoyed, and why. Send your kids to demand these books from Mr Thorn.

  - FIND READING TIME: Everyone is busy, but even the most rushed and exhausted of us can manage a few minutes a day to read. Build it into your bedtime routine, talk about it at dinner, have a stack of books by the toilet (highly recommended), WHATEVER WORKS!

Do you accept donations?

We are always willing to look through good quality used books, but due to space restrictions, we are unlikely to take large numbers of books from families. Most classroom teachers are willing to consider second-hand books for in-class libraries, so please consider offering your books to staff members as well.

What does my child need to bring to the library?

Not much. Library bags are required for Kindy students, but are recommended for anyone with an already full schoolbag. Year 3-6 students are required to have a novel on the go at all times, and should bring that.

Other than that, just bring your old books and an open mind.

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